Transmission Service, Repairs, Rebuilds and Replacements

At DeLand Transmissions, we service, repair, rebuild and replace transmissions. From modern automatic transmissions to heavy-duty transmissions, we pride ourselves in quality transmission repair, with all stock rebuilds being backed by a 2YR/Unlimited mile warranty.

Please note that at this time, we are unable to complete repairs on certain vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to: manual transmissions, continuously varible transmissions (CVTs) , and imports.

Transmission Upgrades

In most cases, there are better options than stock/OEM parts. If you need a transmission rebuild and have a modified vehicle or heavy-duty application, you may want to consider upgrading your stock internals. Depending on the application and the specific transmission, options may vary, so please ask our staff about what upgrades are available and/or necessary to fit your needs.

Specialty Transmission Builds

For all non-stock or performance vehicle applications, DeLand Transmissions has the expertise to build custom performance transmissions to suite your needs. Whether you’re wanting track performance, towing capability, or a mixture of both, we offer performance transmission builds for many modern automatic units.

Below is a list of some of the custom built transmissions we offer:

Although a stock 4L60 does not hold up well to added power, custom builds can be adapted for both car and truck applications. 4L60E transmissions are used in very similar applications as the Turbo 350 and 700R4, with the advantage of more precise and easily manipulated shifts points through tuners / standalone computers. Available performance upgrades make the 4L60E a great build option for mild to medium-duty vehicles. It is extremely important, however, to build these units according to your specific application.

The 6L80/6L90 transmission replaced the 4L60 in GM rear wheel drive, half-ton, and some three-quarter ton options, beginning in 2007. They have a very high fail rate, due to several design flaws. Fortunately, the aftermarket addresses these issues very effectively. Additionally, many upgrades are available; through these upgrades and tuning, these units are highly reliable once built properly. For this reason, it is fast becoming our favorite transmission to rebuild.

Found in ¾ and up GM trucks, 4L80E units are a medium heavy-duty transmission, with several upgrade options usually for towing and racing applications. Allison 1000/2000 series are used in diesel applications and are indisputably the most reliable heavy-duty transmission available, with few upgrades necessary, nevertheless available for extreme applications.

Found in 2008-up Cummins equipped Ram trucks, these transmissions have to hold up to a lot of power. Stock rebuilds are NOT available! Many upgrades are necessary and are always customized to your truck. Please have any tuning/programming information available.

These heavy-duty Ford units both have many upgrades available, usually for heavy duty applications. They can also be built for high horsepower/street performance with very high success.

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For more information on the types of transmissions we repair, rebuild or the custom transmissions we build please contact us at 386-873-4565 or email us at