How do I know I have a transmission problem?
As a general rule, if your vehicle starts but will not move, or has trouble moving, you probably have a transmission problem. Slipping gears, hard shifts, and slow acceleration are some of the most common symptoms of a transmission failure.

Why do I need to take my car to a transmission repair shop?
Transmission repair is a very specialized process that requires not only a different skill set than general automotive repair, but also different tools and equipment that most general repair shops do not have. If you have a transmission problem, make sure that your mechanic is qualified and equipped to diagnose and fix your vehicle properly.

What is a CVT?
Found in many Nissans, Jeeps, and an ever-increasing number of small-to-midsize vehicles, Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) are far different than normal automatic transmissions. These transmissions change gear ratios through a belt and pulley type mechanism and have no gear shifts, such as other automatics. PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THIS TIME, SOME CVT UNITS ARE REPLACEMENT ONLY, DUE TO PARTS AVAILABILITY.

Do I really need a full rebuild?
Transmissions are closed systems that rely on hydraulic pressure to work. Metal debris from damaged internal parts and fluid quality often ends up damaging other internal parts as it circulates through the unit. That’s why many times, a full rebuild is necessary. If there is internal damage, debris in the pan, or water/coolant in the transmission, it is always recommended to rebuild the entire unit. However, many times, electronic issues, valve body wear, and external command issues are fixable without removing the transmission at all.

Can I prevent transmission problems?
You should generally service your transmission about once a year. Regular fluid and filter changes can extend the life of a transmission. Keeping proper fluid level is also extremely important, so always fix any leaks as soon as possible.

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